How to Hide Message Contents on WhatsApp

Often WhatsApp users feel confused in hiding their chats, and reappear if they get a new message.

The new message will return to the top of the message list, and of course bring back the chat that you previously wanted to hide.

From the WhatsApp company tweet, the company has heard this. WhatsApp has heard that users want archived messages to remain in the archived chat folder, instead of returning to the main chat list when a message has just arrived.

How to Hide Message Contents on WhatsApp

Now, in the archived chat settings, any threads of archived messages will remain in the archived chats folder, even if new messages are sent to that thread.

Here are some steps to hide chats on WhatsApp without archive.

1. Open the WhatsApp application

2. Tap the ‘More options’ section in the ‘Chats’ tab

3. Select ‘Chats’, ‘Chat history’, then ‘Archive all chats’

To send a single chat conversation to the Archive section, you can tap and hold the chat you want to hide.

According to Whatsapp, you will no longer receive notifications about these conversations in the future, unless they are mentioned or replied to.

You can also come back at any time, and can make changes in the settings for each chat, to go back to the “archived chats” section and follow the steps again according to your wishes.

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