How To Hide Apps And File On Android

How to hide applications is not as difficult as imagined. Especially for Android users, hiding apps is easier to do. Hiding applications is not just a bad connotation, but it could be because it saves important files or files that are private. So it never hurts to hide the application.

However, before you look at how to hide apps, it’s good to know what an app is on a cellphone. An application is software that combines certain features in a way that is accessible to the user. There are millions of apps in the App Store and Android app stores, which offer app services.

Apps themselves are the foundation of the mobile economy. Since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 and Android in 2008, applications have been the main way users enter the smartphone or smartphone revolution.

How to Hide Apps And File On Android

Well, there are several ways to hide applications, some have to use other applications, some are fast versions. How to Hide Apps Quickly

If you don’t want to bother installing applications to hide applications, you can try this method. It can even be done in a matter of seconds. Here’s how:

  • Open the app or settings menu. After that, just select “Applications”.
  • The next step, you just need to select “Application Manager”.
  • Select the “All” tab and touch any app you want to hide.
  • Then select “Disable”.

By hiding applications on Android like this, you can already hide the desired application. For how to hide applications, this one is arguably the most basic way to hide applications on cellphones.

How to Hide Default Apps

If you want to hide the default application, there is a simple way that you can try:

  • Open the application or the Settings menu (Settings)
  • Then select Applications (Applications)
  • If in the Settings window there are a number of main menus or options, you need to select the Devices menu first
  • Next, select Application Manager, touch the “All” tab
  • Select the application you want to hide, then select “Disable”.

By hiding the application on Android, later the application that has been selected to be hidden will not appear on the homescreen. In this way of hiding Android applications, you can find applications that have been disabled in the “Disabled” section of the application menu.

How to Hide Applications with AppLock Well, this method requires users to download the AppLock application. With over 100 million downloads, this app is quite reliable and highly recommended for hiding Android apps. In addition to applications, users can also hide files and other important data information. The method is quite simple, you just need to download it on the Play Store > Install. Done, you can save as many applications as you want.

How to Hide Apps with Hide App Well, in addition to the two applications above, you can also use App Hider. With more than 10 million active users, App Hide has a very simple interface with no less reliable functionality. To access it, you need to download this app on the Play Store. When you have selected the application you want to hide and finally use a pin to access the hidden application.

That’s our discussion about how to hide apps on Android, and we hope this article was useful for you, thank you for reading and don’t forget to read other interesting articles.

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