How to Get New Skin Superman on Fortnite

Superman is a crossover character who joins the fight against alien invaders in Fortnite Season 7. However, to get this skin, gamers have to wait a few weeks before the skin set is available.

Superman’s skin resembles Tony Stark’s skin from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. Clark Kent is his basic style and the built-in emote will allow the player to transform into Superman.

How to Get New Skin Superman on Fortnite

Apart from that, there are several alternative styles to get. Just like the Battle Pass Rewards in Fortnite Season 7, once skins and other cosmetics are available, gamers must collect and use Battle Stars to unlock them.

Reporting from Screen Rant, Thursday (10/6/2021), to unlock and get the Superman skin in Fortnite Season 7, players must first purchase a Season 7 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass operates a little differently in Season 7, than in previous seasons, but the price is still the same at 950 V-Bucks. Players will have to wait until at least August 12 for the Superman skin reward page to be available.

After that, gamers can unlock items in any order using Battle Stars. Every time gamers level up, they will receive five Battle Stars. Gamers can save it or spend it directly with the prizes available.

As players unlock more rewards, more exclusive item pages become available. There are 11 items in total that players can unlock with the Superman skin.

In addition to Clark Kent style, players can unlock Cape Back Bling which also functions as a Glider, Daily Planet Back Bling, and several emotes.

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