COD Mobile: A Guide How To Get Ghost in COD Mobile

COD Mobile: A Guide How To Get Ghost in COD Mobile – Having the right professional skills can be key to winning the tough Call of Duty: Mobile battles. Among the coveted crew, Ghost stands out as a stealthy and rare character, allowing players to move undetected on the battlefield. In this guide, we will explore the ways and steps to get the Ghost operator in Call of Duty: Mobile, to enhance your gameplay with a little secret knowledge.

Ghost is renowned for its capacity to live off the radar, making it an first rate preference for players who decide upon a greater clandestine method to combat. With Ghost activated, you become invisible to enemy UAVs, making it a crucial operator ability for individuals who cost strategic positioning and surprise attacks.

COD Mobile: A Guide How To Get Ghost in COD Mobile

the Ghost operator includes specific demanding situations and progression within the sport. Follow those steps to feature this elusive operator for your arsenal:

Reach Level 60

To get Ghost in COD Mobile, you need to attain Level 60. As you rank up in Call of Duty: Mobile, focus on completing goals, winning suits, and incomes experience points to obtain this milestone.

Complete the Ghost Challenges

Once you attain Level 60, you will need to finish a set of challenges unique to unlocking the Ghost operator. These challenges may include tasks like accomplishing a positive range of kills, triumphing suits in a specific recreation mode, or the use of unique guns.

Check the Event Section

Keep an eye fixed at the Events section in Call of Duty: Mobile. Occasionally, there are confined-time activities or demanding situations that offer additional possibilities to unlock operators, along with Ghost. Participating in those activities can expedite the manner of acquiring this coveted man or woman.

Collect Battle Pass Rewards

Ghost can also be available as a praise in the Battle Pass. Acquiring the premium Battle Pass and progressing thru its ranges can provide you with additional challenges and rewards, doubtlessly inclusive of the Ghost operator.

Strategies for Effective Use of Ghost

Now that you’ve unlocked the Ghost operator, here are some strategies to maximise its effectiveness at the battlefield:

  • Use the invisibility furnished with the aid of Ghost to transport across the map strategically. Avoid predictable styles, and marvel enemies by means of acting where they least count on it.
  • Ghost can be specially beneficial in objective-primarily based recreation modes. Use your stealth to capture factors, plant bombs, or whole targets without revealing your function to the enemy.
  • One of the number one advantages of Ghost is its capacity to counter enemy UAVs. Pay attention to the UAV popularity within the suit and play a important position in denying the opposing group treasured records.
  • Communicate along with your teammates and coordinate your moves. As a Ghost operator, you could act as an unseen pressure, imparting your team with a strategic gain.
    Tailor your loadouts to supplement the Ghost operator. Consider equipping guns and attachments that enhance your ability to navigate the battlefield discreetly.


Getting a Ghost operator in Call of Duty: Mobile adds a brand new measurement in your gameplay. As a hidden and elusive electricity, Ghost lets in you to outmaneuver fighters, surprise foes, and play a crucial position in accomplishing victory on your crew.

Remember to live vigilant, adapt to the dynamics of each fit, and use the particular advantages of the Ghost operator to dominate the battlefield. With strategic making plans and a hint of invisibility, you may come to be a formidable pressure inside the speedy-paced international of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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