How To Get a Blue Tick On Instagram

Instagram users can get and request a blue tick or badge indicating that the user’s Instagram account has been verified. There is a way to get a blue tick on Instagram that users can do. However, the user must be a public figure, celebrity, or business actor and meet certain account and eligibility requirements to be eligible for the blue tick.

The blue tick icon or verified badge next to the account name helps make it easier for users to find public figures, celebrities and brands. Compiled from the official Instagram page, here’s how to get a blue tick on Instagram:

How To Get a Blue Tick On Instagram

How To Get a Blue Tick On Instagram

  • First, make sure the user is logged in to the account submitted for a verified badge.
  • Tap the profile icon or the user’s profile photo at the bottom right to open the profile.
  • Select the three line icon at the top right.
  • Click Settings.
  • Tap Account and select the Request Verification option.
  • Enter the user’s full name and provide the required proof of identification.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Done.

Even if a user’s account is eligible for verification, submitting a request does not guarantee that the user’s account will be verified.

Once verified, the user cannot change the username and the verification cannot be transferred to another account.

If a user receives a verified badge using false or misleading information during the verification process, Instagram will remove the verified badge and may take additional action to deactivate the user’s account.

Before submitting a blue tick request, users should be aware of some of the requirements to register for a verified badge on Instagram. The following requirements must be met:

  • Authentic: Represents a genuine registered person, business, or entity.
  • Unique: Represents the presence of a person or business in a unique way. Only one account for each person or business can be verified.
  • Complete: Account must be public and have a bio, profile photo, and be active when the user registers.
  • Famous: Accounts must represent a well-known and sought-after person, brand or entity. Instagram reviews accounts featured on various news sources and does not consider paid or sponsored media content as a source of review.

If the user is confident and meets the requirements above, the user can try to get the blue tick on Instagram to verify the account.

That’s the discussion about how to get a blue tick on Instagram. We hope you are helped by the information we have provided above and thank you for reading.

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