How To Fix We Limit How Often Instagram Solution

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media service managed by Facebook Inc. However, there are problems that arise when using Instagram, such as “We Limit How Often Instagram”. The problem with Instagram restricting this activity is because before you get the warning, you must have violated the policies that have been set. When you violate the policy, whether it’s spam likes, comments, unfollowing and following lucky people, you will still be subject to a notification/warning of activity restrictions. The reason is not certain, but logically if you violate Instagram’s policies, you will certainly be penalized.

How To Fix We Limit How Often Instagram Solution

Of course, every problem has a risk, your Instagram account that is subject to activity restrictions will be at risk of not being able to be opened temporarily. In a sense, your Instagram account will only show a Retry Later notification. In addition, this restriction can take effect within a few days, some have been removed 24 hours.

To speed up removing an Instagram account that is limited to activities as usual, the following admin will review, follow it until it’s finished.

How to Fix We Limit How Often Instagram Solution

Actually, the steps are very easy, you only need to do the following:

When the Instagram Has Restricted Activity notification appears, click the Notify Us option. That way, Instagram will know if your Instagram account has problems with activity restrictions.

Of course, Instagram will filter that your account is not indicated as spam. However, if it is indicated as spam, then it is natural for Instagram to limit your activities on Instagram. If this method is not effective, try to remove the notification limiting Instagram activity below.

Other Ways to Get Rid of We Limit How Often Instagram

Reporting from Thelastsurvivors, in addition to informing Instagram about activity restrictions, you also need to clean the Instagram BIO on their profile. This is useful to show that your account is not a SPAM account. Usually, in the Instagram BIO there are a lot of posts or websites, just clean it up first.

If the two methods above have not helped, you can also report this problem to Instagram.

Report Problem

The Instagram platform also provides problem reports for its users so that related parties can fix it immediately. For how to report a problem with an Instagram account that is Limit How Often Instagram, as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Then select the Profile menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap the Help menu
  • Select the Report a Problem menu
  • Tap the Report a Problem option again
  • Fill in a description of the problem on your Instagram account and add photo evidence of the notification screenshot earlier.
  • Finally, tap Send

After that you just have to wait for about 1 day then your Instagram account will recover & be normal. However, usually Instagram does not respond to your response to the problem report, because maybe you have to remember your activity history.

In general, problems like this are caused by your activities that are considered suspicious by Instagram. Even if you feel like you’ve never done it, maybe the Instagram system is experiencing problems or the Instagram system is different from your assessment of your activity history while using Instagram.


Big platforms like Instagram also have serious problems and annoy users in using Instagram. Especially if Instagram has limited your account for activities as usual. By removing the Instagram restrictions above, hopefully your account will recover soon.

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