How to Fix Instagram Error on Android

How to solve Instagram errors and cannot be opened on Android can be done in several steps. There are lots of errors caused by Instagram. For example, errors because you can’t comment, captions don’t appear, notifications don’t appear, can’t add stories, can add stories but the result is empty, Instagram stories don’t open, hashtags don’t appear in posts, and much more.

Well, here’s how to solve Instagram errors on Android:

How to Fix Instagram Error on Android

1. Try Clear Catche

Cache is “garbage” when we use an application. Cache should be cleared, because it consumes Android memory. It’s easy. Open settings, tap advanced settings, installed applications, and select Storage, then you can do Clear data or Clear Cache.

2. Check Internet Connection

Try checking again the internet connection or Wi-Fi that is being used. An unstable data connection is not impossible to cause Instagram problems.

3. Exit and Log In Again

Try logging out of your Instagram account, then logging in / logging in again. The goal is to start Instagram like a new app again.

4. Update Instagram Account

Sign in to Google Play, open Instagram, and make sure your app is up to date. Open My Apps & Games and click Updates on the Google Play Store.

5. Restart Smartphone

Restart the smartphone, turn off the phone for 10-15 seconds then turn it on again.

6. Report to Instagram Team

If after doing various things the error is still there, then to report the problem to the Instragram team. The trick, go to settings, click help, touch report a problem, and write down your problem with screenshot evidence.

7. Change Password 

Change password periodically. This is important to avoid hackers trying to take over your account.

That’s the solution to solve the Instagram application error and can’t be opened on Android. Good luck and good luck with using the tutorial above.

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