How to Fix Blank White Screen on Instagram

Instagram blank white can be overcome easily. The first step is not to panic, so you can deal with the problem appropriately. Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today. There are many benefits that you can get from this application. Just like other applications, IG has also experienced problems.

One of them when you open it, it looks like a white blank application. This can happen to anyone, whether through mobile phones or computers. Use these easy steps to get Instagram back in use. Although this condition often occurs, it does not mean it is a trivial problem. We recommend that you fix it immediately when Instagram is blank white.

How to Fix Blank White Screen on Instagram

How to Fix Instagram Blank White Screen

Actually, there are many problems that are often faced by Instagram users. If this condition occurs it will display a white screen and will make it difficult for users. It could be that this problem occurs due to a bug. However, there are still many causes that result in a white blank IG.

It could be because IG is having trouble, IG is down, and many others. To make it easier, you should see the right way to deal with it.

There are some easy steps to solve white blank IG.

Instagram Update

There are many causes that can result in white blank Instagram. If Instagram hasn’t updated yet, make sure you update the app. You can update on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Set to Active Mode

In addition to the first method, there are still many things you can do so that white blank Instagram can be reused. You can enter active mode settings.

This way to help the application can adjust. For Android itself, there is an easy way, namely go to settings > image > open mode.

As for iOS, you can go through settings > display and brightness and then click activate mode. You can do this when you have this problem.

Clear IG Cache

Too much cache will result in IG not being able to function optimally. For that, you can clear the cache by going to the settings menu > applications > IG > storage and clearing the cache.

Download IG Old Version

If some of the previous methods have not worked, try to delete the IG application. Then you can download the old version of IG.

You can download the application, either through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Using iPhone

For Android users, when IG experiences a white blank, try following these steps. You can try to solve the problem using iPhone.

You can borrow an iPhone belonging to a relative or friend first. The tips are:

  • Login to Instagram app with iPhone
  • Next, verify using a selfie video if it’s needed
  • Please complete verification
  • Once successful you can exit the IG application on the iPhone.

If you have, you can try logging into IG via another cellphone you previously had to see if the white blank Instagram can be successfully resolved.

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