How To Find Out Private Number On Android

How to find out and track a private number on Android is important for you to know, so that in the future you can immediately deal with it if there is a problem. As we know that this private number alias private number will definitely bother us a lot.

Usually the perpetrators who make calls with private numbers are done maybe because they just want to have fun. But apparently, sometimes the victims feel curious and disturbed because someone calls but there is no number.

How To Find Private Number On Android

The Easiest Way to Find Out Private Numbers on Android

Have you ever experienced someone calling but using a private number or private number? If so, then a tutorial to find out and trace a private number is an important thing for you to do. Especially if you’ve experienced it, it will be very disturbing right? Moreover, if the call is made repeatedly, it is very annoying.

Well, to find out this private number, you can indeed do it on all types of Android, so you don’t have to worry. But unfortunately not everyone including you know how the easiest way to do it.

If you are one of them, then don’t panic right away, because there are many steps you can take. But before knowing it, it’s better if you know what a private number means first!

About Private Number

Before discussing more about how to track a private number on Android, first know the meaning of a private number. So a private number alias private number is a number whose number is unknown if someone else calls us.

Usually when there is an incoming call, the private number only appears in the form of Unknown. Well, in the meantime, usually the behavior of calling with this private number is because you want to test the cellphone number or just for fun.

If that happens, then you don’t need to worry if someone terrorizes with a private number like that. Because to find out this private number you can do it easily using an Android device.

Because when there is an incoming call in the form of a private number, then you will also not be able to find out who the caller’s name with that private number is. But don’t worry, because there are several steps you can take to find out and track them easily.

Dial Up Menu

Before knowing how to track a private number on Android, then you also have to understand to know the number. First you can find out who the identity of the caller of the private number is using this menu. Unfortunately, this method only applies to certain cell phone users, aka not all types of cellphones can do it. First you just press the *#30# key then wait a while and you will know the private number right away.

Activating Voice Mail Box

If the previous method didn’t work, then you can do it with this step by activating the voice mailbox. This standard feature does exist on all Android devices, because the operator has provided it as a private mailbox. When you have successfully activated this feature, someone who failed to contact you will be connected immediately. However, the methods will differ depending on the cellphone number.

How To Find Out Private Number On Android

How to find out a private number on Android for the first step is to activate the Voice Mail Box, as discussed earlier. If you don’t know how to activate it then just ask your own cellular operator. When a private number calls, then just turn off your cellphone, it will be directly connected to the VMB earlier. Be patient for a moment, because a few moments later you can turn it on and then wait for an SMS from your card provider server.

For you Motorola cellphone users, you should be able to use an application called Call Manager. Because this application turns out to be able to block private numbers easily and simply. The reason is that in this application there is already a settings menu which can automatically send SMS to numbers that have been blocked. To do this, you can look for ways on various internet sources.

Actually, how to find out a private number on Android is quite easy, it’s just that not everyone knows it. If you are one of them, maybe now you can understand because you have listened to this article to the end.

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