How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

If you are using an Android smartphone, then you may have heard of hidden apps that are on your Android phone. This app was installed and hidden on purpose, or maybe it’s on your phone by default.

Also, sometimes, Android itself tends to install some hidden apps on your phone to keep up its productivity and quality check. Therefore, if you want to know how to find hidden applications on your Android phone, we will try to discuss them in full in this article.

Hi Hp Android Hidden Application Types

Some of the default hidden applications installed on Android smartphones known as bloatware include some important applications such as weather, alarm, and calendar, which are pre-installed on your Android smartphone.

How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are several other applications installed on your Android smartphone that are also designed to collect data about the operation and usage of your Android smartphone. So that developers can analyze different data and work on it to improve the product if needed.

How to find hidden apps on an Android phone?

Most of the modern digital smartphones, including your cell phone, have certain features that allow you to hide certain content such as folders, apps and media files as well. To find it, you need to use one of the two options listed below:

Using the Hp App Drawer

  • The first method that I am going to share is one of the easiest methods out there to find hidden apps on Android.
  • In this method, first of all, to find hidden apps, you need to search for them in your smartphone’s app drawer.
  • But still, some apps are not showing in hidden app drawer list. In such a case, you need to find hidden installed apps on Android using default Android settings.
  • However, there is no need to worry because there are other ways to find hidden apps on Android, which will be explained below. Find Hidden Apps Using Settings

Find Hidden Apps Using Settings

  • Please follow the following steps to use this method:
  • First of all, open “Settings” on your smartphone.
  • Next, select the “Applications” option.
  • Now, Switch to “All” tab. If there are no tabs, open the menu in the top-right corner of your screen and look for a section called “Hidden” or something similar.
  • You will now be able to see all the apps installed on your smartphone, including hidden apps.

Pros and cons of Hiding apps on Android

Like all other tech-related soft smartphones, hidden apps have their pros and cons. A list of some of the pros and cons of using hidden apps is mentioned below. Look:

Pros of Hiding apps on an Android phone

This method can help parents to supervise young children to track their online activities. As well as monitoring their web history and social media presence, with the help of certain applications which then hide their presence.

This can be considered to hide unpleasant chats and other media files from children as well as others.

Lack of hidden apps

Most of the hidden apps are designed to help their users hide their dirty secrets, private conversations and private media files from others. Following this as a regular practice can wreak havoc on your healthy relationships with your loved ones and partners too.

In today’s world, access to the internet and cell phones is very easy. It has made kids more aware of hiding files on their phones. Therefore, these hidden apps help children keep secrets from their parents, making it difficult for them to supervise. A person who is not aware of the features of this hidden application can become a victim of spyware.

I hope this article helps those of you who are looking for ways to find hidden applications on an Android phone. Good luck.

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