How to Edit Your Spotify Wrapped? A Complete Guide

How to Edit Your Spotify Wrapped? A Complete GuideSpotify Wrapped has become a beloved tradition for music enthusiasts, offering a personalized journey through their year in music. While Spotify’s algorithm does a fantastic job curating your Wrapped experience, some users may wish to tailor it further to better reflect their diverse musical tastes. In this guide, we will explore the steps to edit your Spotify Wrapped, ensuring that your year in music truly captures the essence of your unique listening journey.

Understanding Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature that provides users with insights into their listening habits throughout the year. It includes statistics such as your most-streamed songs, top artists, and the genres that dominated your playlists. While the default Wrapped is a fantastic snapshot of your musical journey, editing it allows you to add a personal touch and highlight specific tracks, artists, or genres that may not have made the automatic cut.

How to Edit Your Spotify Wrapped? A Complete Guide:

Locating Your Spotify Wrapped

To edit your Spotify Wrapped, you first need to locate it within the Spotify app. Typically, Spotify releases Wrapped in early December, and you can find it in the “Home” or “Browse” sections of the app. Look for a banner or prompt inviting you to explore your Wrapped experience.

Accessing Your Wrapped Insights

Once you’ve found the Spotify Wrapped banner, click on it to access your personalized insights. Spotify will present you with a visually engaging summary of your music preferences, including your top songs, artists, and genres. Take a moment to appreciate the automatic curation before diving into the editing process.

Reviewing Your Wrapped Highlights

Before you start editing, review the highlights that Spotify has automatically generated for you. This will give you a baseline understanding of your music preferences throughout the year. Take note of the songs and artists that have defined your listening experience.

Editing Your Playlist

To begin editing your Spotify Wrapped, look for an “Edit Playlist” or similar option within the Wrapped interface. Spotify typically provides users with the ability to customize their Wrapped playlists, allowing you to add or remove songs to better align with your musical journey. Click on the “Edit” option to proceed.

Adding Your Personal Favorites

One of the key benefits of editing your Spotify Wrapped is the ability to add your personal favorites that may not have made the automatic cut. Navigate to your Spotify library or playlists and select the songs or artists you want to include in your Wrapped playlist. Once selected, use the “Add to Playlist” option and choose your Wrapped playlist for the year.

Removing Unwanted Tracks

If there are songs or artists in your Wrapped playlist that you feel don’t accurately represent your year in music, you have the power to remove them. Within the editing interface, look for options such as “Remove” or “Delete.” Click on these options to fine-tune your playlist and ensure it resonates with your musical journey.

Shuffling the Order

Another editing feature often provided by Spotify is the ability to shuffle the order of your Wrapped playlist. If you have a specific sequence in mind that better captures the flow of your music discovery throughout the year, take advantage of this option to create a more personalized listening experience.

Saving and Sharing Your Edited Spotify Wrapped

Once you’ve perfected your edited Spotify Wrapped playlist, save your changes. Spotify usually provides an option to share your Wrapped with friends and followers on social media. Take advantage of this feature to showcase your curated musical journey and potentially discover new favorites through shared playlists.

Reflecting on Your Musical Journey

As you edit your Spotify Wrapped, take a moment to reflect on the music that defined your year. Consider the diverse genres, the artists who accompanied you through different moods, and the songs that became the soundtrack of your life. Spotify Wrapped is not just a playlist; it’s a reflection of the memories, emotions, and experiences that music has woven into the fabric of your year.


Editing your Spotify Wrapped is a delightful way to personalize the culmination of your year in music. Whether you’re adding hidden gems, removing outliers, or rearranging the sequence to better tell your musical story, the editing process transforms Spotify Wrapped into a truly unique experience. Embrace the opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of your musical tastes, and share your curated Wrapped playlist with the world, inviting others to join you on a journey through the notes and rhythms that shaped your year.

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