How To Download Facebook Videos On Android and PC

Being able to download Facebook videos is certainly a lot of use. One of them is to enjoy our favorite videos anywhere and anytime. While there’s no official way to download Facebook videos, there are some shortcuts you can try.

Facebook actually provides a ‘Save video’ option but this feature only functions to save videos to the watch list on the site or application, not to download videos.

But before downloading Facebook videos there are a few things to note. The content you want to download may be copyrighted, so make sure you don’t violate Facebook rules if you don’t want to be banned.

How To Download Facebook Videos On Android and PC

In addition, some videos on Facebook are also private for some reason. So before downloading, you should first ask permission from the video owner. Here’s how to download Facebook videos on desktop and mobile.

How to download Facebook videos on desktop

  • Open a browser on your computer or laptop and go to the Facebook site
  • Find the video you want to download then open it
  • After the video starts playing, click the menu with the horizontal three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then click the ‘Copy link’ option
  • Open a new tab in the browser then enter the copied link in the available bar, then press the Enter key to open a more complete video URL
  • After that change the ‘www’ in the video URL with ‘mbasic’. So if the original URL is change it to
  • Press the Enter key and you will see the Facebook mobile page view
  • Right-click the video you want to download and select the ‘Open link in new tab’ option.
  • The Facebook video will be opened in a new tab and can be downloaded. How to right click and select the option ‘Save video as’
  • Select the video storage location then click Save, and wait until the download process is complete.

How to download Facebook videos on Android

If you can’t access your computer or laptop, you can also download Facebook videos directly from your cellphone. But this method cannot be used to download Facebook videos that are private or non-public.

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS phone and log in as usual
  • Find the video you want to download then tap the ‘Share’ button in the lower right corner then select the ‘Copy Link’ option
  • Open a browser on your phone and go to the site. This site cannot be opened in Safari and Google Chrome, so we recommend using the Firefox browser
  • After entering the FDown site, enter the copied URL in the column provided and select Download
  • On the next page, select the video quality you want to download between ‘Normal Quality’ or ‘High Quality’
  • Then a new page will open that only shows Facebook videos. Tap and hold on the video then select the ‘Download video’ option
  • The downloaded Facebook videos are now stored on your phone and can be watched anytime.

That’s from us about how to download Facebook videos on Android. Hopefully our article above can be useful for you and thank you for reading.

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