How to Delete One of the Carousel Photos or Videos on Instagram

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced two new features that will be coming to his social networking platform. The announcement was made directly by Mosseri in a video uploaded on his personal Instagram account, @mosseri. The first feature announced was “Rage Shake”. As the name implies, Rage shake allows Instagram users to shake their phones to report problems in the app more quickly.

For example, if a user suddenly can’t upload an Instagram Story or feed, then simply shake or shake the phone with the Instagram application still open. Later, a pop-up will appear on the screen asking “is something wrong?” Then, the user can convey the problem they are experiencing by tapping the “report a problem” button.

How to Delete One of the Carousel Photos or Videos on Instagram

“You can explain what’s going on, how the problem happened and all the anger you’re going through, and we’ll have someone check it out,” Mosseri explained.

Apart from explaining the problem in text, users can also upload photos or screenshots as supporting data. In the same pop-up, users can also disable “Rage Shake” so that it doesn’t appear when the phone is shaken.

So far, submitting problems through the Instagram application must go through several steps, namely visiting the profile page > help > report a problem. By shaking the phone, the reporting process becomes more concise and fast.

How to delete a photo or video carousel on Instagram

The next feature that Mosseri announced was the option to delete carousel photos. According to Mosseri, this feature has been requested by many Instagram users.

A carousel is a type of post on the Instagram feed that consists of several photos or videos. Previously, if there was a single photo or video that they wanted to delete after uploading, the user had to delete the entire post carousel and all the photos and videos in it.

With this new feature, users can delete only one photo/video carousel that has been uploaded, without having to delete other photos or videos in the post. The method is as follows:

  • Open the post carousel you want to fix
  • Then, click the three dots in the top right corner
  • Click “edit”, then select the photo you want to remove from the carousel
  • If the photo is already selected, click the trash icon to delete it.

Mosseri said the new carousel delete feature is available on the iOS platform. While the rage shake feature is available on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, these two features are only available for Instagram users in the United States. “Rage shake is available on iOS and Android only in the United States for starters, and the carousel photo delete feature is on iOS and will follow soon on the Android platform,” Mosseri concludes in the video.

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