How To Copy Android Apps To Other Devices

How to copy Android applications is very useful for those of you who will change to a new device without losing important data. In addition, you can also do this so that you can share the application offline and want to copy the data in it.

Android is now a mobile device with a large number of users than other operating systems. On Android devices there are various applications that you can install. These applications are made by certain developers with different purposes. Technically, it is necessary to install the application online.

How To Copy Android Apps To Other Devices

Usually you will download applications on the Android marketplace like the Google Play Store. However, in fact you can also get offline applications along with the data in them by selling them.

Here’s how to copy Android apps to other devices

Applications are software that is on an Android device. There are so many types of applications out there. Most applications are available in the marketplace, the most common being the Google Play Store. However, some application developers also market their property through the official website.

Even so, both of them you can install online. This means that you must be connected to a capable internet network. Many people don’t realize that they can actually install new applications on a device by copying or copying the APK file.

The way it works is that the APK is copied and then sent to another device via Bluetooth or USB. With just one touch, the APK can be directly installed with the data backup in it.

Using the File Expert Application

The first way to copy Android applications is to use the File Expert application. This app allows you to send APKs online to other devices with the data stored on them. Not only for backing up APK files, this File Expert also has other functions such as file explorer, Theme Manager, install or uninstall Manager, and so on.

To copy the application and the data in it, you can follow these steps:

  • First, install the File Expert application via the Google Play Store.
  • After that open and run the File Expert application.
  • If so, then the next step is to select the ‘My Apps’ menu.
  • Later, various applications installed on Android will appear.
  • Check or tick to the right of the app name to create an APK.
  • Then select the ‘Backup’ menu at the bottom. So, File Experts will create an APK file automatically and save it in the backup_apps folder in the My Files menu.

Once the APK is downloaded, all you have to do is send it via Bluetooth or USB to the new device. On the device, the application will already contain your previous data.

Copy Android Apps with Google Drive

In addition to using the File Expert application, you can also use Google Drive services as a way to copy Android applications. Actually Google Drive will only help save data within the app. So, later when you open the application on another device, all the data is saved.

Here’s how to do a backup with Google Drive:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ menu, then go to the ‘System’ and ‘Backup’ options.
  • Then slide the switch to the right so you can turn on Back up to Google Drive.
  • Then tap the button with the option ‘Back up now’.
  • Then wait for the backup process to complete and the data will be stored in the cloud.
  • After the backup process, it’s time for you to restore data on a new device.
  • You just need to log into the same Google account as your Google Drive.
  • Make sure the contact to bring the application is checked and then press ‘Restore’.
  • Wait a moment for the process of moving data from your old device to your new device.

Doing how to copy Android applications is indeed very easy for us. Your data will be safer because it is stored neatly, different from installing new applications. Besides for those of you who want to change to a new device, copying data in the application is indeed a must. That’s because we certainly won’t know if an error suddenly occurs.

Therefore, it would be better if you prevent it by copying the Android application so that the data will be perfectly backed up and the risk of loss will be smaller.

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