How To Clear Cookies On Android Phone Samsung

How To Clear Cookies On Android Phone – Cookies and caches are already familiar to our ears. How not, these two things often appear in web browsers and are often recommended to delete them. Not only in web browsers, cookies and cache are also present in Android smartphones including Samsung. So what are cookies & cache, and how do you delete cookies and cache on Samsung phones?

How To Clear Cookies On Android Phone Samsung

For a more complete explanation, see the meaning of cookies and cache and how to delete them below.

What are Cookies and Cache?

Broadly speaking, cookies and caches are two different things. However, the two are related. Reporting from Google, cookies are files that contain data on sites that you have opened. Cookies make it easier for you to go online by saving browsing data. While the cache remembers parts of the page, such as images, so that they can be opened faster on the next site visit.

Although both sound very helpful and effective to support faster browsing performance. However, this can also be bad if it is not removed regularly. Why? Cookies and caches work to store data and your browsing activity. Later, the stored data will continue to be full and reduce the storage capacity on your cellphone.

Full storage memory can result in slower cellphone performance and much more. Therefore, you need to clear cookies and cache by clearing cookies and cache below.

How to Clear Cookies and Cache on Samsung Android

How to delete cookies and cache on a Samsung cellphone will certainly be different from how to delete cookies and cache on a web browser. The reason is, cookies and cache on this cellphone cover a wider range, namely every digital activity in all applications on the cellphone.

Clearing app cache and data on Samsung devices is almost as easy as any other Android phone. But the steps are a little different with the Samsung One UI. Here’s how:

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Find the app you want to clear cache and data for.
  • Go to “Storage”.
How To Clear Cookies On Android Phone Samsung

  • Select the “Clear cache” menu.
  • If you want to clear data, tap “Manage storage”.
  • Press “Erase all data”.
  • Select “OK” to confirm.

These steps are commonly used for Samsung devices that support Samsung One UI, both tablets and cellphones. However, for Samsung devices that do not support One UI, you can also apply almost the same method as this. It’s just, maybe you will find a few small changes.

That’s the discussion about how to clear cookies on android phone, especially on Samsung phones. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for you and thank you for reading.

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