How To Check Screen Time On Android

How To Check Screen Time On Android – Screen Time is a feature to find out how long the user has been using the smartphone. In general, cellphones are equipped with features to know Screen Time, not even just Samsung smartphones where almost all smartphone brands.

Screen time itself is mostly used to see how long to play the game. This feature will show the user’s use of Samsung smartphones in a certain period of time.

How To Check Screen Time On Android

To see Samsung’s own screen time is very easy, such as How to Check Samsung’s RAM Remaining just by going to one of its features. However, if you are not satisfied, you can still use additional applications.

Where there are many applications that have the main feature to View Screen Time. It can even be said that if you look at the application you will find more features in it.

How To Check Screen Time On Android

You can find the Samsung Screen time feature on smartphones with new and old ONE UI. So both Old and new smartphone users will still be able to see the screen time feature on their Samsung smartphones.

So there are two ways that can be done to be able to see the screen time on a Samsung smartphone. Using built-in features and also using additional apps to see how long the phone is using. For details, please follow the steps below.

With the default feature on Samsung smartphones to be able to see screen time, you shouldn’t have to bother using additional applications. Simply by maximizing the default features, you can find out how long users have been using their smartphones.

Samsung knows very well that there must be a feature to be able to find out the screen on time used by their smartphone. The goal is clear so that users have sufficient limits in using smartphones.

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Next, select the Device Care menu to get started.
How To Check Screen Time On Android

  • After that, the smartphone will automatically scan.
  • Continue by selecting the Battery menu.
  • After that you will see how much screen time
  • also see which applications are widely used in the information below.
  • Done.

So, those are the easy steps to be able to see the screen time on all types of Samsung smartphones. Where for details on which applications are used the most, you can see in the bottom menu according to the application you want to see.

This feature of Samsung aims to find out how long smartphone users use their cellphones in a matter of time. Likewise, to find out how long Android users use one or two applications.

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