How to Change Location on Google Map Android

How to change location on Android with the help of an app. The method is quite easy and simple, even if you are a beginner. GPS is one of the features you can enjoy when using an Android phone. Actually there are many other interesting features provided by the current Android system. GPS is a tool for finding your location when you are traveling.

With this feature you will not get lost even if you are looking for a new location though. Interestingly, Android GPS can also be shared with other people. Apart from that, there are many things that you can get from the GPS feature. You can also change the location on Android. Advances in the world of technology also help GPS to develop a business venture.

You need to know how to change your location if needed. Especially when you want to share your location, it can be seen via Maps when accessing Google Maps Android.

How to Change Google Map Location on Android

How to Change Location on Android with Google Maps

GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology that allows Android users to know the position accurately. The position of the location that can be seen is based on the coordinates obtained via satellite.

There are many functions of GPS, from knowing the whereabouts of other people to certain locations. Not only that, GPS also has various services that users can take advantage of.

One of them is changing the location that business people usually use. Usually the party who takes advantage of this is an entrepreneur.

Here are some easy ways that you can do to change your GPS location using the Google Maps application.

Access Google Maps App

You can get various advantages by using the Android GPS feature. One of them is how to change the location on Android via Google Maps.

This app already exists on Android devices. The Google Maps application is a default application that users can access directly. To use it, don’t forget to make sure your Android phone has internet quota and the data is live.

This condition needs to exist to be able to display a map of the location in the application. Maps maps will provide a view of the location of the Google Maps access.

Go to Google Maps Contribution Menu

The next way to change the location on Android is by looking at the bottom menu of the Google Maps screen. Please select the contribution option > edit map to make location changes.

You can choose from several available menus. The location changes that you make are to improve places, addresses, street names, and add locations. Usually many business people take advantage of it.

Adding and Fixing Places

Once you’ve followed steps one and two, it’s time to add or fix a location. You can select the add or improve place options in the map edit menu.

You can choose rename or other details. This method is to help make changes including location. A map of the location you want to change will appear.

Select a location that you want to change and several places will appear. Starting from places of worship, shops, or other places. You can search for which location to change location including other information.

You can use this method to convert more accurate information on GPS such as the location of a shop or other place of business.

Make a Location Edit Suggestion

After determining the location that you want to change, you should immediately fill in the details of the place. The trick is to edit the name, select a place category, update the location on the map, or type the address manually in the location column.

You can add edit opening hours, contacts or website for complete information, as a way to change location on Android next.

Location Change Suggestions

As for the last step, which is to send all suggestions for changes that are filled in the location edit suggestion menu. Select the icon in the upper right corner to fill it in. Google itself will verify the various changes you make. The process is quite fast if the location is correct.

Unfortunately, this way of changing the location is not a few who use it for fraud. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be more careful when using these changes.

However, Google will give you appreciation if the information on how to change location on Android is correct. So that it can help other Google Maps users.

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