How To Change App Icons On Android

How to change Application Icon Android? Can we change the android icon as desired? As a smartphone user, especially Android, customizing is a very easy thing to do. Especially now that almost all types of smartphones already support a theme system that can be adjusted as desired.

Usually, the customization done in this case is to change the appearance of Android like iOS, change the icon, change the color of the status bar, or change the position of the clock in the middle of the status bar.

How To Change App Icons On Android

Of course, this method can be done both for smartphone users who have rooted or not. But of course there will be limitations when the user has not rooted the device. But it doesn’t matter. If you just change the android application icon, this method can be applied to devices that have rooted or have not rooted.

So, how to change the android application icon? There are several ways you can do it. Namely:

Download Icon Pack

Icon Pack is an application developed by developers to make customizations, especially icons. ow, to change the Android application icon, you can use various types of icon packs which are already custom made for several applications that are already installed on your Android.

The list or list of icon packs that you recommend is in the form of

Delta Icon Pack

  • PixBit Pixel Icon Pack
  • Pix UI Icon Pack
  • Polycon Icon Pack
  • Voxel Flat Style Icon Pack
  • Whicons White Icon Pack
  • Zwart Black Icon Pack
  • LINE Icon Pack
  • Oxygen OS Icon Pack
  • Etc.

As for the list above, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store. But if it doesn’t suit your taste, you can look for a variety of other icon packs on Google.

  • Open the Icon Pack that you downloaded earlier
  • Click on Apply Icon Pack
  • Select the launcher used (eg: Nova Launcher)
  • Finally, please wait a moment, and see the icon changes from your application.

Well, even though you’ve managed to change the android application icon, there are some applications that haven’t changed their icon yet. This is because maybe the developer has not updated the icon in the application. Therefore, we can change it according to the next method, namely

With Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a very popular Android launcher and is widely used by Android users, because Nova Launcher has a variety of features and is also very easy to customize.

Like the case in the previous point, there are applications that have not changed their icon. Therefore, we can make adjustments using the nova launcher, so that the application icon that has not changed can be replaced with the icon pack that we have downloaded. The method

  • Tap and hold for a while on an application that has not changed its icon
  • Wait until a pop up appears from the application that was tapped earlier
  • Select on the Edit menu
  • Click on the application logo
  • Then the Select theme option will appear
  • At this point, you can see the options for the icon packs that you have installed and are on your device. Please choose one of them. For example: Oxygen OS Icon pack
  • Choose which icon you will use to replace the application icon
  • Finally, please select DONE.

In addition to changing the android icon, this method is also useful for hiding important applications so that they are not easily opened or accessed by others, for example you can change the application icon for whatsapp, messenger, LINE, or others.

Via Theme Manager (for Xiaomi users)

It’s not surprising anymore. Xiaomi smartphones are indeed one of the devices that have customized themes that allow users to make display adjustments as desired.

In addition to changing the android application icon, other functions and themes on the xiaomi smartphone can also be used to change the appearance on the Statusbar, status bar icons, and color display on your entire Android system. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong theme, okay?

As for several ways to change the Android application icon, the easiest way to apply is to use the nova launcher and also the icon pack. But it all comes back to your comfort in using a Smartphone. May be useful.

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