How to Change Android Fonts to iPhone

How to change Android fonts to iPhone without any application. It’s all up to you to do it. Every Android phone usually already has a pretty good completeness of fonts. With this font you can read the writing on the smartphone. But boredom often comes because the default font is too boring because you have used it for a long time.

But now, there is an easy way that you can do to get fonts on your phone more attractive. You can change the appearance of the Android font to the iPhone. We recommend that you use the right and simple method. As many people already know if the iPhone is a device that has a high value.

How to Change Android Fonts to iPhone

Because of its attractive design and features, it makes most people want to have it. But unfortunately not everyone can buy an iPhone because the price is quite expensive. But now that desire can be paid off with you changing the Android font like the iPhone. You just use the right way to change it.

How to Change Android Fonts to iPhone Without Apps

Most of the Android phone owners feel bored with the factory default font display. Even though the font is already quite good. Not even a few Android owners who want a font like the iPhone display. As in the iPhone settings, you can reduce and increase the size of the text. Even bold text though.

You can still do this on Android using simple steps. If you want to change it, here are the steps:

  • The first step to change the Android font to iPhone is to enter the settings menu
  • Enter theme menu and write search iOS 15 Medium
  • Then you can tap free to start downloading it
  • Tap apply, tap restart to restart HP
  • If you have then you can use iPhone fonts even without an app.

Convert Android Fonts to iPhone with Apps

Actually there are many ways to change the Android font on this one easily. You can even use the app. Given the application is now increasingly diverse. So that makes it easier for you to do things.

Including changing Android fonts like iPhone. One application that you can choose is Zfont. Here are the steps you can take to change the font using the Zfont application.

  • We recommend that before using the Zfont application download first and install it on the Play Store
  • The second step is to open the application and tap the LOCAL menu
  • If you have done this, several fonts that can be used will appear
  • If you have downloaded the previous font, just click the What icon to enter the iPhone font
  • Look for the Sans Francisco.ttf font file in the download folder section
  • If you have, you should click OK
  • You will see a preview of the font used
  • After you have done the previous steps in the Choose Method Install section, please click Method3
  • Click Apply me San Francisco and click apply to use the font
  • As for the last step, please restart the cellphone, then the font display on Android will change to iPhone. The step is complete and you can use a different font than the default smartphone.

Changing the font as desired does feel good. Especially now that there are many applications that can help you get the font you want. It even includes how to change the Android font to the iPhone though. Apart from Zfont there are many Android font apps that you can use. How to use it is also fairly easy.

There are several Android font applications that you can use, such as Helvetical, Avenir Next, and San Francisco. You can simply search for the application in the Play Store and download it to use it. Helvetical is one of the most popular font names. The language is from Switzerland which means writing. As for San Francisco, until now it has been applied to Apple products.

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