How to Activate New FaceID With Mask Feature in iOS 15

Apple just released the latest software update, iOS 15.4. The software has several new features. The most interesting feature is FaceID recognition when wearing a mask. This feature only works for iPhone 12 or later. If you have the right device, here’s how to enable FaceID with the mask feature in iOS 15.
How to Activate New FaceID with Mask Feature in iOS 15.4

First, you have to make sure that you have updated your iPhone 12 or later to iOS 15.4. You can also update your iPhone to iOS 15.4 even if you have an older iPhone, but you won’t be able to use FaceID with a mask unless you have an Apple Watch.
After that, a page will automatically appear on your screen indicating that you now have the option to set up a new FaceID with a mask. You can also choose not to use the feature, or set it up later.
Once you select the option to set up FaceID with a mask, there will be a page telling you how to set it up before you get started. You need to position your face in the camera frame, then move your head in a circle to show all the angles of your face, as you would for a regular FaceID setup.
How to Activate New FaceID with Mask Feature in iOS 15.4

You’ll also be asked to remove your face mask while doing so once you’ve started. Keep moving your head in a circle until you complete the circle. After that, the feature will be activated and you can use the feature by using a mask.
If you also wear glasses, you may also need to add an “Add Glasses” option so that it can help your phone recognize you better. According to Apple, “FaceID while wearing a mask works best if you set it up with every pair of glasses you normally wear.”
However, FaceID with masks does not support sunglasses. You can find options for glasses under FaceID & Passcode.
For the feature to work, you need to lower your head slightly so the phone can recognize your face with the mask so it’s not perfect. However, it is a feature that many users are excited about. Wearing a mask is now a part of normal everyday attire, so it’s about time Apple introduced something like this to users.
Before this feature existed, Apple users had to use a passcode to unlock their phones. Since FaceID is basically useless when we wear masks, there is an option for users to unlock their phones more easily.
Well, now a new feature, iPhone 12 users no longer need to type in their passcode whenever they want to access their phone with a mask.

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