How To Access Secure Folder On Android Samsung

How to open the Samsung secure folder is a method that is actually easy for you to do, but even so, many users don’t know how to do it. This is only natural, especially for those of you who are new to using this feature and novice users of Samsung cellphones.

On the Samsung phone itself, there is a feature called safe folder where the safe folder itself is a feature which is useful for protecting applications, files and so on. By activating a secure folder, you are like creating a second space where it looks in a separate space and requires a password to access it.

When your application or file is stored in a secure folder, even if your Samsung cellphone screen lock is access, other users cannot find where the application is located, only the user who owns the Samsung cellphone knows where it is and is protected by a password, so it is also safe.

How To Access Secure Folder On Android Samsung

Now, even though this feature is quite useful, many Samsung users don’t know that after creating a secure folder, they don’t know how to access Samsung secure folder. This is because when activated, a safe folder menu will be displayed or hidden, so if you choose hidden, of course you don’t know where it is, especially if you are new to using this feature yourself.

How to Access Samsung Secure Folder

So, for those of you who don’t know how to see a secure folder on Samsung? In the following we provide several steps to access                                                                                                                                                 it, make sure before opening it you know the password used:

  • The first step, please open your Samsung cellphone and please continue to open Settings.
  • Next, if you are already in the settings, scroll down and select the Biometrics and Security menu.
  • Then scroll down and select the Safe Folder menu.
  • Now to open it, please select the option, namely Show Safe Folder.
  • So now the secure folder feature has appeared in the form of an application icon.
  • Then press back to the homepage, check in the application list, there is already a secure folder icon, tap the icon and enter the password that you created.
  • Then you have successfully opened the Samsung secure folder.
  • Done.

Often many users are confused that when activating this feature, how come there is no secure folder icon, well actually you just haven’t displayed it so many users don’t know where it is located and how to open it.

When you tap the secure folder icon, a password or locked secure folder will appear, now for how to open a locked Samsung secure folder, use the password you created earlier.

Apart from going through the settings, you can also open the Samsung secure folder via the quick notification panel feature or the quick settings panel, this method is the easiest method to do.

Here are the steps:

  • Open your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll the screen from top to bottom.
  • Then please look for the safe folder icon.
  • Press and hold the icon then enter the secure folder.
  • Now, to deactivate the secure folder, you can also go through this quick panel, just tap the secure folder icon once, it will disappear.

Samsung Secure Folder is it safe?

So maybe you ask something like that, you need to know that the Samsung secure folder feature is safe where as long as only you know the password to open it, no user will know about it, so of course it’s very safe.

But you need to know that not all Samsung cellphones implement or have a secure folder feature, only Samsung phones that have One Ui have this feature.

Samsung secure folder can’t be opened

So, if you have a problem with the Samsung secure folder, why can’t it be opened, then the solution to overcome this is to forget the passwords.By forgetting the password, you will reset the Samsung folder password, but before that, make sure you don’t forget your Samsung account because to overcome this, use your Samsung account.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the settings app.
  • Next select biometrics and security.
  • Then after that, please select a safe folder.
  • Now, because you forgot, when the password appears, select forgot password.
  • Enter your Samsung account password and select or set a password again and tap continue.

What is a samsung account?

The Samsung account is one of the features and is almost similar to Mi Cloud or iCloud, where after you create a Samsung account you will be able to enjoy several other features on Samsung phones, besides that this feature also works to reset passwords and so on.

In addition, the Samsung account also functions to store several files and can be used for additional storage.

This is information about how to open the Samsung safe folder that you can do, I hope the above information can be useful for all of you, thank you.

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