How See Other People’s Status on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

Just like the Stories feature on Facebook and Instagram, the WhatsApp messaging app allows users to upload statuses. However, there are times when you want to check someone’s WhatsApp status and don’t want to be caught. There are tips to see another user’s WhatsApp status without telling them. Here are three tips

How See Other People's Status on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

How to see other people’s status on Whatsapp without them knowing

1.Turn off read receipts

You can turn off read receipts by hiding the double blue tick. This feature works similarly for WhatsApp statuses. The trick is: open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android phone. Then tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and select “Settings.” Click “Account” and select “Privacy.” Disable the switch for “Read receipts.”

Now you can view WhatsApp status without telling others that you have seen it because they will not see your name at all. Once done, you can reactivate it.

2. Open WhatsApp status when offline

Another way is to turn off cellular data or disconnect wifi. Then you can check the status of other users without telling them that you have seen them. However, you are only hidden until the moment you go offline.

Once you’re back online, other people will see that you’ve seen their status. We recommend using this method a few minutes before the status will expire. This way you don’t have to be offline for long.

3. From Android’s dedicated file manager

When you open the Status tab, WhatsApp automatically downloads the status images and videos for faster access. These files are stored in a hidden folder in your phone storage. You can access it by opening the file manager on your Android phone. Navigate to internal storage, then tap on WhatsApp and select Media. Here, open the folder named “Status.”

You can view all status images and videos shared by your contacts on WhatsApp. Since you don’t open it directly in WhatsApp, other people will never know that you’ve seen the status.

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