How Leave WhatsApp Group Without Anyone Knowing

The application that is often used to exchange messages is occupied by WhatsApp. Not only personal chat, WA allows people to easily create WA groups. Well, because of this convenience, without realizing our WhatsApp groups become very large and confuse with notifications that make our cellphones slow to follow.

Then how do you leave a WhatsApp group without being caught? We have compiled from various sources, here’s how to get out of a WA group without fear of being caught by others.

How to leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing

How to leave a WhatsApp group without being caught:

1. Change number

By changing your phone number, you can leave the WA group without being noticed by other group members. But indeed if you can’t just change numbers, this method doesn’t seem suitable, especially if the number has been used for a long time.

Another drawback, the change in number of course needs to be notified to colleagues or closest people. In addition, the WhatsApp conversation history on the old number has the potential to disappear.

2. Just fake it

How to leave a wa group without being caught is similar to the previous method. The first step, you have to set up a new temporary number. Go to settings in WhatsApp (three dots above), select an account or account, then touch the change number menu. Enter the new backup number.

After the first step is complete, immediately leave the group you want to leave. Next, on the HP settings menu, select the WhatsApp application and then clear data and cache. The WhatsApp account will be lost but your name will still be in the group members list. Finally, open the WhatsApp application and re-register with your old number.

Yes, this step is quite complicated and requires two WhatsApp numbers. However, it seems the most effective way to give the impression that you are still in a WA group.

3. Delete profile name and photo

Edit name and delete photo on WhatsApp profile. Although there is a possibility of being caught, at least there is no notification that mentions your name when you leave. This can be done when the WA group is busy talking.

One way to leave a WA group without being caught by other people, maybe little or no one will know that you have left because the notifications other members receive are not including your name.

4. Mute WhatsApp groups forever

This ultimate method is an alternative for those of you who want to deactivate a group without having to leave the group. This method may be the simplest step, because there is no need to do the three things above.

So you’ll still be part of the group, but will no longer receive annoying notifications when messages in the group forever. You can also occasionally still monitor conversations in the group. To do so, press and hold the selected group. When the option to mute notification appears or activate the mute feature, select the ‘always’ option.

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