Here’s How To Download Images From Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Many users capture their moments and then upload them to Instagram.

Instagram has a variety of interesting features. You can upload Instagram photos and videos. In addition, there is also a story feature where you can upload your story either in the form of photos or videos in 15 seconds.

In addition to personal moments, Instagram is also used to upload funny photos or videos so that it adds entertainment for users. Instagram is now also used to disseminate information. In fact, many of them also use it for online buying and selling businesses.

Here's How To Download Images From Instagram

However, one of the drawbacks of Instagram is that they do not provide a download feature. In other words, uploaded photos or videos cannot be downloaded directly except by those who uploaded them themselves. However, don’t worry, you can use other platforms to download photos or videos and even stories from Instagram.

Curious how? Here are some ways to download images from Instagram:

How To Download Images From Instagram

1. Using

  • Open the photo upload to be downloaded
  • Copy the link/url of the photo.
  • Go to
  • Paste the copied link/url in the column for link/url
  • Click the ‘Download Now’ menu and wait a moment
  • Then, click the ‘Download’ menu under the photo in question.
  • The photo will be automatically saved in your storage.

2. Using the page.

  • Open the desired image upload on Instagram
  • Click the copy link menu / copy the link in the image upload.
  • Go to the website
  • Paste the copied link/link into the link/link field.
  • Click the green ‘Check’ button.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button, the photos will be automatically downloaded and stored in your storage.

3. Using the QuickSave for Instagram application.

  • Download the QuickSave for Instagram app from the Play Store
  • Once done, open QuickSave first, start the service.
  • Open Instagram, by Tap Menu or Send button then select “Copy Link” on the photo/video you want to save.
  • Back to Quick Save, you can download the photos you like.
  • You can also swipe to close, re-upload or share it on social media.

Easy and fast right? You are free to choose from several ways to download Instagram images above that we provide. Good luck!.

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