Here’s How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

There is an easy way to create a personal blog on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. There are many features that you can use on Instagram, such as features of various videos, photos, stories, filters, and others. If you use a professional account, you can try another feature, namely a personal blog. Let’s find out what an Instagram personal blog is and how to create a personal blog on Instagram.

Here's How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

A personal blog on Instagram is one of the features that you can use if your Instagram account is changed to a professional account. The display of personal blog posts on your profile can be used to beautify your account and also to clarify your identity.

Someone who uses a personal blog identity on Instagram usually discusses or focuses on only one content. The contents are also short and specific with formats in the form of text, images, videos, and others.

Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

For those of you who want a personal blog post on your Instagram account profile, you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure you already have an Instagram account.
  • Open the Instagram app and login using your personal account.
  • Go to the account profile, tap the three-lined icon, then tap settings.
  • After that, select the account option.
  • Scroll down till you locate the blue “transfer to expert account” text.
  • Read the next instructions and press continue or next, if you agree.
  • After that you will be asked to choose a category. Select the “personal blog” category in the search field.
  • If you have, tap the “show on profile” section so that personal blog posts can appear on your Instagram profile.
  • Press done.
  • Wait a few moments, then select the category of creator or business according to your needs. Creators are great for public figures, influencers, or content creators. While the business is suitable for those of you who will open a business, lockers, and others.
  • Press next, and you’re done.

That’s the information from us above about how to easily create a personal blog on Instagram. Hope it helps you and thanks for reading.

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