Here’s How To Add Fonts To Word On Android

How to add fonts in word Android, of course, you can easily do yourself, but if you don’t know, then don’t worry. There are many ways you can do to add these fonts in a simple and practical way.

Feeling dissatisfied with the default font, often makes many users want to add a new, cooler font. Well, if you are one of them then don’t panic, you can follow the following tutorials easily.

Here's How To Add Fonts To Word On Android

How to Add Fonts to Word on Android

Microsoft Word itself is one of the most popular tools for them to create content with words, tables, and images. Even today Microsoft Word is also well developed and offers compatibility to access content editing functions.

You can also add the number of fonts to Word on different devices using the help of Microsoft Word. So by using your favorite font, you can create a more special and professional text document content.

Meanwhile, the default font on HP is the best font that has been selected by the system based on many considerations. Starting from the right size, good, easy to read, and many others.

However, if you continue to use these types of fonts, you will often feel bored and become disinterested. Therefore, one trick to overcome this is to add new fonts to make it cool and unique.

Adding Fonts to Word on Android

How to add fonts in word Android is very easy, but for these tips you have to root first. When the device is rooted, it means you have to install FX File Explorer and then install the root add-n tool to your cellphone.

If so, then in the program don’t forget to also access the font files that have been installed on Android devices. Now is the time to copy the fonts by pressing the “Copy” icon at the top right of the toolbar and then switching to Word fonts.

Now, in the word, you also have to click on the file icon and then select the option Browse data, files, data and fonts. Now you can just paste the font you’ve copied into the page. Then automatically, the font has been added directly to Word Android successfully. How? Pretty easy isn’t it? But there is another trick you can do.

Downloading Fonts

You can also add fonts in Word Android by downloading the fonts first. You can download these fonts through several official and trusted font provider sites. But don’t forget to pay attention to the permission to use it, be it free or paid fonts to avoid other problems. Usually the downloaded font file will be in ZIP or TTF format.

If the downloaded font is in ZIP format then you must first extract it this way. First of all you can choose thanks to the fonts that have been downloaded earlier. Next, double-click the file and select a font file with TTF format then click Extract to and select a storage location, finally just OK. Then the file that you have successfully extracted will immediately change using the TTF extension in the folder.

Installing Fonts in Word Android

How to add fonts in word Android is very easy, you can install the font file that you previously downloaded and extracted. You can also directly use this method to easily install fonts. 

The first step is to just open the folder where you extracted the font file and double-click on the file. Later, a preview of the font will automatically appear and you can just click install to add the font.

In addition to these methods, you can also directly add new fonts to your cellphone by clicking on the font file and then installing it. You can also select install fill all user when clicking on the font file.

After you have successfully added the font, you can immediately use it in all applications. So it is also possible to enter or add any text. Actually, how to add fonts in Word Android is not complicated, regardless of the type of device, it feels very easy.

Well, by using the new software and the powerful functionality of Word, you can use it to create a personalized result.

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