Here’s 4 Easy Ways to Lock Apps on iPhone

There are at least four ways to lock apps on iPhone that can be easily identified. By understanding this review, users don’t need to be confused anymore to lock apps on their device. Sometimes, users want to lock some important apps on their device. The reasons are quite diverse. Most of them are worried about their privacy security in related applications.

Here's 4 Easy Ways to Lock Apps on iPhone

Similar to Android, iOS users can also maintain the privacy of apps by locking them. However, in this case, iOS is not like Android. They don’t have certain features that support app locking. However, there is no need to worry. Because there are still several solutions that can be used to solve the problem. Here’s how to easily lock apps on iPhone:

1. Via screen time

iOS doesn’t have a default feature to lock apps. However, you can use the screen time feature as an alternative. The following steps.

  • The first, open the ‘Settings’ menu. Then, enter the ‘screen time’ option. -Letsh, select the option ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’.
  • After that, enter the menu option ‘Allowed apps’. Then. Deactivate the app you want to lock.
  • Done. Return to the homepage to save settings.

2. Via Guided Access

This method is very useful for protecting the privacy of your apps. In addition, if the user is worried about someone else borrowing their phone. The following steps.

  • The first, please enter the Settings menu. Then, select an accessibility option.
  • Setians, select the guided access or guided access menu option, then activate the feature.
  • After that, enter the option ‘Settings Passcode’ and set a password to access your device.
  • The Advanced, open the application to be locked. Then press the power button three times.
  • Done.

3. Use the timeout feature

How to Lock Apps on iPhone can also be done via the Time Limit Layer feature. The following steps.

  • Open the Settings menu on your device. Then enter the screen time menu option.
  • The advanced, select the option ‘Application Limits’. After that, click on the ‘Add Limit’ option to add the apps to be locked.
  • SEST, Select the app you want to lock. If so, click ‘Next’ in the top right corner to continue.
  • Then, adjust the time lock time to 1 minute. Don’t forget to activate the block at the end of the limit option.
  • Done.

For the record, when the timeout expires, the app will be closed automatically. To use it again, the user must enter the screen time password.

4. Use support apps

In addition to some of the solutions above, users can also use supporting applications. Unlike Android, there are not many lock apps on iOS devices. However, you can try some of them like bioprotect, locktopus, appplocker and others. Thus the review on how to lock apps on iPhone easily. Hopefully useful and can add to your insight. Good luck!

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