Google Search Results Show More Photos

This week, Google released an update for its search engine service, Search, bringing a number of new features and views in it.

Google Search is now revamped with a new stylish design that features more visual content such as photos and videos. According to Google, this new display will make it easier for users to find information or other things they want to find.

Google Search Results Show More Photos

For example, when typing the keyword “Salmon Mentai” in the search field, Google will then display search results that are dominated by images and videos of the food.

On the main page, the “Images” section of the image you want to search will also appear. Thus, users do not have to bother clicking the “Images” tab if they want to browse images from these keywords.

Google also plans to feature a “Things to Know” section. In addition, Google will also optimize a feature in the form of a special page called “About this Search”, to make it easier for users to evaluate the source of information from the site they are looking for.

Then, there is also a section “About the Topic” which will display search results from other sources with relevant context.

Not only the Search service, Google also brings new capabilities for the Google Lens smart camera application.

Google Lens itself is a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision that is able to analyze photos, recognize objects in them, and retrieve information from the targeted object.

Google Lens users can now search for related products from the photos they have taken. For example, after a user takes a photo of a floral-patterned shirt.

They can then look for other relevant products, such as socks with the same motif. The new features and sections in Google Search will temporarily only be available to users in the United States.

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