Google Maps Has a New Lite Navigation Feature, What Is It?

The online map service Google Maps already includes cycling directions but is not a special navigation mode for users who frequently travel from one place to another by bicycle.

Well reportedly Google will make changes where in the next few months a navigation feature for cyclists will be introduced called ‘lite navigation’.

Google Maps Has a New Lite Navigation Feature, What Is It

This feature will allow users to see in detail the travel path without having to open the phone screen. Users also don’t need to enter a full turn-by-turn interface to use this feature.

Google announced the introduction of lite navigation as part of efforts to expand its services, as information on sharing bicycles and scooters is available in 300 cities around the world.

For those still dependent on their cars, the eco-car route, which Google announced in late March, is now available in the US.

With the launch of the feature, Maps will display the most fuel-efficient route users can take to a destination, in addition to the usual fastest route.

The tool will also display the relative fuel economy if the user decides to follow a more efficient route.

Google estimates the feature could help prevent 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of moving 200,000 cars off the road. Google is expected to roll out eco-friendly routes to European countries sometime in 2022.

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