fn. gg/xboxcloudbeta.com Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite Now Available

Fn.gg/xboxcloudbeta.com – Fortnite is a game that has many fans around the world. This game with the Battle Royale genre is played by many people on various platforms. Behind its popularity, it turns out that not all platforms can be used to play the game Fortnite.

The game Fortnite cannot be played on iPhone and iPad because the game has been removed from the App Store. Previously, Fortnite had been released on the App Store, so the game could be played on iPhone and iPad.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Fortnite Now Available on iPhone and Android

However, because Epic Games as the developer of Fortnite was deemed to have violated Apple’s rules, the game was removed from the App Store. The offense itself is releasing the payment system directly in their game.

Even though Apple has regulated that in-app purchases must be connected to the App Store. But recently, good news has come for iPhone and iPad users because the game Fortnite will finally be able to be played again.

The popular game Fortnite will be able to be played on iPhone and iPad not by downloading it on the App Store, but through the fn. gg/xboxcloudbeta Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Launching from MacRumors, Microsoft confirmed that Fortnite is one of the games available on https://www.fn.gg/xboxcloudbeta.com Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Later, Fortnite will be able to be played for free (Free to Play) on Xbox Cloud Gaming. iPhone and iPad users who want to play Fortnite via fn.gg/xboxcloudbeta.com Xbox Cloud Gaming only need to have a Microsoft account.

Meanwhile, fn. gg/xboxcloudbeta com Xbox Cloud Gaming has been confirmed to be available in 26 countries around the world. Apart from iPhone and iPad, Xbox Cloud Gaming is also available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows-based PC devices.

The workings of fn.gg/xbox cloud beta Xbox Cloud Gaming itself use a browser to stream video games. Several browsers that have been confirmed to be compatible with Xbox Cloud Gaming are Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

Apart from Fortnite, Xbox Cloud Gaming reportedly also has hundreds of games in its catalog.

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