Fn. gg/sol-motd, Joint And Get Rewards

Fn.gg/sol-motd – Geralt of Rivia is now unlockable withinside the Fortnite Chapter four Season 1 Battle Pass! Apart from finishing Battle Pass Quests to earn in-recreation rewards, you may participate in challenges fn.gg/sol-motd Fortnite School of Llama to free up even extra in-recreation prizes. (Note: Purchasing the Battle Pass isn’t always required to take part in School of Llama challenges.)

Complete in-recreation responsibilities from the internet site fn. gg/sol-motd fortnite School of Llama from these days thru March 10, 2023, 11:fifty nine p.m. ET. As you development thru the faculty path, you’ll free up in-recreation rewards. Learn the way it works below!

Fn. gg sol-motd, How To Joint And Get Rewards On Schoolofllama


Challenge Fortnite School of Llama fn.gg/sol-motd incorporates 4 paths — Lane 1 is to be had now at the same time as Lanes 2, three, and four could be to be had over the approaching weeks. As you development thru every path, you may be challenged with in-recreation responsibilities that may be finished in each Battle Royale and Zero Build. Completing a project unlocks the following one, till you attain an obstacle…

When you hit a hurdle, you will be offered with a selected creator-made island. You can byskip limitations through finishing island challenges! There are a complete of 5 creator-made islands, every targeted on a selected Fn.gg/sol-motd Llama School banner.


Each fn. gg/sol-motd Fortnite School of Llama Path may be finished till March 10, 2023, 11:fifty nine p.m. ET. You do not have to finish a positive Path to free up the following one.

Lane one: Available now

Lane two: Available February 14 at four a.m. ET

Lane three: Available on February 21 at four a.m. ET

Line four: Available February 28 at four a.m. ET


Each Lane has one project with a 20,000 XP in-recreation praise and a very last project with a “fundamental” in-recreation praise:

Lane 1 fundamental prize: A beauty pickaxe in the sport Silver Sword Witcher

Main Prize Track 2: Geralt of Rivia Lobby Track (Compiled through Marcin Przybyłowicz)

Main prize music three: 80,000 Fortnite XP

Main prize music four: 80,000 Fortnite XP

To free up all 4 fundamental prizes, you’ll free up  extra in-recreation prizes: School of the Manticore Emoticon and School of the Wolf Spray!

Also, for finishing all responsibilities withinside the Path, gamers will free up Emoticons primarily based totally on featured schools:

Lane onw Prize: School of the Cat Emoticon

Track two Prize: Griffin School Emoticon

Track three Prize: School of the Viper Emoticon

Lane four Prize: School of the Bear Emoticon

Completing every creator-made island can even earn you in-recreation rewards:

AXII Challenge island praise: AXII Sign Banner Icon

QUEN Challenge island praise: QUEN Sign Banner Icon

AARD Challenge island prize: AARD Sign Banner Icon

IGNI Challenge island praise: IGNI Sign Banner Icon

YRDEN Challenge island praise: YRDEN Sign Banner Icon

To entire ALL the creator’s islands you’ll free up Emoticons fn. gg/sol-motd fortnite School of Llama!


Log into your Epic Games account on Fn.gg/sol-motd School of Llama internet site fn gg/sol-motd on: https://schoolofllama.fortnite.com/en-US/

Complete responsibilities on every Lane to earn in-recreation rewards.

Look out for brand new Paths to be had each week and get new in-recreation rewards.

To entire the project, ensure you’re most effective gambling in a supported playlist (Battle Royale Solo/Duos/Trios/Squads, or Zero Build Solo/Duos/Trios/Squads). The project of finishing the creator’s synthetic island can most effective be finished on the required island.

source: Fortnite School of Llama

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