fn. gg/llamarama – How to Get Rewards in Llama-Rama

fn gg/llamarama – Season 2 of Rocket League has just started and Fortnite and Rocket League have gathered together for their newest event, namely Llama-Rama. Llama-rama fm.gg/llamarama which will start on March 25 at 12 noon ET, and will end until April 9 at 4 p.m. ET 2021.

In the fn.gg/llama rama event at Rocket League and Fortnite, those of you who follow it will get attractive prizes. Not only that, you can watch the famous DJ and producer Kaskade, the headliner of Rocket League in Season 2 who will hold a concert under the name Fortnite’s Party Royale on March 26 at 20:00 ET to March 27 at 09.00 and at 14.00 ET.

fn.gg llamarama - How to Get Rewards in LLAMA-RAMA

What are the challenges and prizes at the Llama-Rama fm. gg/llamarama?

If you play Fortnite fame and want to take part in this event, then you have to complete the challenge in the Rocket League. You will get prizes in the Rocket League or Fortnite. You need to know that you can get prizes if you successfully complete the challenges that will be broadcast on March 25 12:00 noon ET to April 9 at 4 pm ET.

Below, you’ll find all the Challenges you can complete in Rocket League, as well as the rewards that arrive in Rocket League and / or Fortnite. All the Challenges given to the Llama-Rama event. What are the challenges, see the following discussion about fn. gg/llama rama:

Beyonder Challenge: Play three times

You have to play three times online matches, so you can get attractive prizes in the form of Battle Ball Spray. Not only that, you will also get rewards from Rocket League in the form of Topper – DJ Yonder.

More Llama Bell’s Challenge

To complete this challenge, you must get 500 points in the online matches you play. Prizes from Fortnite Llama-Rama Loading Screen will be obtained if you get 500 points, and rewards from the Rocket League in the form of Anthem Player – Llama Bell.

Over Yonder Challenge

You have to get 5 goals, assist and also save in online matches, so you can get a prize from Fortnite in the form of Everybody Dance! Lobby Track, and Rocket League rewards in the form of Octane Decal – DJ Yonder.

Umbrella Royale Challenge

You have to get 5 clears and also a center in the online matches you play, so you can get Fortnite prizes in the form of Zooming Wrap and Rocket League rewards in the form of Wheels – Umbrella Royale.

Extra Ordinary Challenge

Play 1 online match on one of the Extra Mode playlists that you play, then you are entitled to a Turbo Ball! Back Bling from Fortnite, and Player Title – Extra Ordinary from Rocket League.

The Winning Is Everything Challenge is only in Rocket League Rawards

In this challenge, you must be able to win as many as 10 online matches that you can repeat. From this challenge you can get XP as much as 20,000 Rocket League.

That’s our discussion about fn gg/llamarama is how to get all the prizes at the Llama-Rama Fortnite and Rocket League events. Hopefully you can follow it and get all the attractive prizes from the event. Good luck!

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