Fn. gg/fliptheisland Fortniteflipped.com Chapter 3 Map

fn. gg/flip fortniteflipped.com – Fortnite is going through one of its biggest transitions to date, with Chapter 2 ending in style and Chapter 3 starting.

After the large-scale live event that Epic Games is holding, it can be said that players are excited to see what’s to come.

Fn. gg/Flip Fortniteflipped.com Fortnite Chapter 3 Map

Weird things happened when previous maps were submerged, including fn.gg/flip Fortnite Flipped or #FortniteFlipped on trending Twitter, but what exactly does that mean?

What does fn gg/flip fortniteflipped mean on Twitter?

Fn. gg/flip Fortnite fliptheisland is a new trend that lets players reveal new game maps, ready for the first big season of Chapter 3.

This is a great marketing tool from Epic that changes a player’s Twitter icon when the hashtag #FortniteFlipped fn. gg/flip is tweeted.

Players are encouraged to visit https://www.fliptheisland.com. The premise is simple – the more players tweet the hashtag, the more Epic Games will reveal.

The first part of the island, the snow zone to the northwest, has been discovered and the rest may soon follow. Especially after advertising in New York’s Times Square and being teased about the game’s latest crossover into the friendly neighborhood of Spider-Man.

During the live event, the avenger was disturbed by Spider-Man’s backpack floating in the sea after the previous map was destroyed.

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