fn. gg/communitybattles, How To Join And Get Rewards Fortnite

fn. gg/communitybattles – This newly launched cosmetic item is sure to become a staple in your cosmetics collection for its aesthetic appeal alone. A bling on your back  will only increase your attractiveness in the game, so let’s see how you can get one in the title.

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This week’s Hearts Wild event lets Fortnite developers and  players join new battles from the  community fn.gg/community battles!  February 10-17, Community Battles: fn. gg/communitybattles Hearts Wild Team Battles brings together 65 developers along with players from all Fortnite servers in a unique set of challenges. Help your favorite creators earn as many points as possible for a chance to win great in-game prizes.

fn. gg communitybattles, How To Join And Get Rewards Fortnite

fn. gg/communitybattles How to register for Fortnite rewards

To participate in  the Fun Tour fn.gg/community battles How to join Fortnite rewards. fn.gg/communitybattles Visit the  Hearts Wild Team Battles site to join the development team and keep up to date with the latest challenges and leaderboard changes. Each participating group is represented by 5 different creative teams. Fn.gg/communitybattles seats are limited (20,000 per team), so join us now!

From February 10th to 17th, registered players can participate in the new fn.gg/communitybattles every day. Keep track of your team’s challenge list and progress leaderboard on the website. The higher your team’s rank among  teams in the same group, the more in-game rewards your team can get!

Fn.gg/communitybattles – FORTNITE GIFTS YOU’LL LOVE

What You Can Win at fn. gg/communitybattles Fortnite Community Battles: Hearts Wild Team Battles? Here’s a sneak peek:

FIRST PLACE: Breath Knife Pickaxe, Random Shaped Foil, Love Spray on Roll, Perfect Pair Emoticon, Wild Hearts Team Battle Banner

SECOND PLACE: Random Shaped Wrap, Love Spray on Roll, Perfect Pair Emoticon, Wild Hearts, Team Battle Reel

THIRD PLACE: Reel Love Spray, Perfect Pair Emote, Wild Hearts Team Battle Banner

FOURTH PLACE: Perfect Emote Pair, Wild Hearts Team Battle Banner

FIFTH PLACE: Wild Hearts Squad Battle Banner

No, you ‘ Don’t dream – you have a chance to get a new pickaxe with a stunning knife by being the first squad of your party!


In addition to the above prizes, Team Builders from all groups with the most points at the end of Hearts Wild Team Battles will have the opportunity to donate a $25,000 Epic Charitable Prize to a non-profit for-profit organization.- Creator’s Choice Win-For-Goal Organization!*


Subject to Epic verified and approved recipient nonprofit status.

Note: If you do not earn points in the fn. gg/communitybattles Challenges for two consecutive days, you will be kicked from the team for inactivity. In this case, this means that you are not entitled to any rewards related to the challenge.

You can check your team’s ranking and progress in community battles: Fn gg/communitybattles Hearts Wild Team Battles Team Ranking.

For more information on the challenges, see the Official Battle Rules fn. gg/communitybattles: Hearts Wild Team Battles. Don’t miss your chance to show your love to your favorite designers and win great prizes. Let’s begin!

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