Flubot scam – Flubot iPhone and Android Review

Flubot scam – Recently a lot of people have been wondering about the flubot scam, where one of them is expecting information about is flubot a scam? Is flubot a scam or legit? For that you are here to find out, because here we will review what is Flubot a scam?

Flubot scam - Flubot iPhone and Android Review

What is the flubot scam?

Recently, many internet users, especially in Australia, are looking for information about the flubot scam. They get calls and text messages from flubot offering the package to the recipient, and provide a link to get details about the gift package given by flubot.

Flubot sends text messages and voice messages in the form of a link so that recipients of the message can access the link. Flubot provides information in the form of a text message to set the delivery time of the package to be given to the recipient of the text message.

There are many fraud reports that number into the tens of thousands of scam flubot scams. The victims received a text message in the form of a malicious link sent by flubot to iPhone and Android, because the link accessed was a malicious link.

Flubot can steal your personal information and money via iPhone and Android, your personal information will be taken by flubot to expand their scam through the contacts they managed to take through the iPhone and Android device you are using.

It is said that the stolen contacts will get a similar message that sends a text message containing the malicious link, through a chain message that they take through the cellphone contacts of the victims of the scam.

So, we remind you about the flubot scam not to access links in messages you get via text messages from flubot. Because thousands have fallen victim to the flubot scam, and don’t let you become the next victim.

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