Coinseed Scam || Reviews Coinseed Scam or Not?

Recently, many crypto users who have invested in coinseed, generally in the United States, have been cheated by coinseed which has caused its members to feel disadvantaged. Are you one of those who invest in coinseed? If you are one of the ones being cheated by coinseed, then you can try to follow the Class Action Lawsuit.

Coinseed Scam ||  Reviews Coinseed Scam or Not

What is coined?

Coinseed is an application that provides services for its users to invest in Defi crypto. Users will invest in bitcoin, ether, xrp, ltc, doge or other cryptocurrencies offered by the coinseed application.

Is coinseed scam?

Many people residing in the United States have been harmed by the coinseed application service. It turns out that it is indeed a coinseed scam because users cannot withdraw and withdraw the currency they have invested in the coined application. The money they deposit in an account on coinseed is not returned because users consider it safe to be stored in coinseed, and get a profit from the money they invest.

It is reported that the SEC has taken legal action against the owner of the coined application, and New York County Attorney General Letitia James has blocked and closed the site and application for now. It’s strange that many services on the coinseed app have been discontinued, but the owners still allow their users to deposit.

Many were harmed, starting with the value of as much as $4300 which was not returned by the coinseed owner. If you are one of those who invest in coinseed and are confused about filing a lawsuit to get your money back, you can try it through a Class Action Lawsuit against them.

For information regarding Class Action Lawsuits, you can visit the following sites:

Information about the SEC:

That’s the information we can give you about the coined scam. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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