Codpts. com To Get Free CP Cod Mobile, Really?

codpts . com – See you again with us in the discussion of the Cod Mobile game, where recently Cod Mobile game users were shocked by the presence of codpts. com which is said to be that, codpts . com can be used to get free Cp. For that we are here to discuss about services that provide Cp that you can use, namely codpts . com.

Codpts . com To Get Free CP Cod Mobile, Really

Codpts . com is an online generator service that is used to get Cp in the Cod Mobile game, where by using codpts . com then, you can quickly get a lot of Cp in your Cod Mobile account for free, without having to buy it with the money you have.

The game developer does not recommend that its players use generators to generate free Cp. Because using it can result in your account having problems later, and most generator services are scams that only expect profits from visiting Cod Mobile game players.

However, if you are curious and just want to try using codpts . com, then we recommend using a new account. This is to avoid the account you usually use having problems. Then how to use codpts . com? Check out the discussion below:

  • First, activate internet data on your device
  • Visit codpts and open a browser at the address:
  • After that enter your Cod Mobile account username.
  • Tap on the ‘Connect’ button and wait for the connecting process to complete.
  • Determine the number of Cp you want to get and click the Generate button.
  • Wait for the generate process to complete and start to verify the Cp obtained.

Whatever your reason for using a generator like codpts . com is an unsafe method and may result in your Cod Mobile account having problems. So, another consideration for using codpts . com because there is another safer way that you can do, namely by participating in a giveaway that is circulating on the internet.

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